for reals yo?

so it is likely that another reason why i wanted to tend the bar is to bring you stories.

alas, i have some.

and i have only worked two days.

this is going to be great.

last night i worked from six to midnight. wednesday night. nothing special going on.

this one is a doozie.

me: what would you like?
solo marine: red bull vodka.
me: coming right up.
fast forward a couple 'you good?'s and a couple more drinks.
sm: sooo doesn't that guy across the bar look like martin sheen?
me: ummm....maybe? another drink?
sm: you know he does.
me: OMG. yes! [fake excitement}
fast forward two more drinks. 
sm: please keep me company, i am so bored!
me: oh sure, what do you want to talk about? life?
sm: sounds great. what do you do?
blah blah blah
sm: so would you want to grab a drink sometime?
me: oh, i am not sure my boyfriend would like that too much.
i go on to fabricate this fictional boyfriend. and he continues to ask the questions about our relationship. if he is the one. you know the normal convo for a stranger. for the future: my boyfriend and i have been dating since college and he lives out in texas. so long distance.
sm: oh yeah, i used to do long distance but now i am married so we live together.
me: yeah that is usually how it works.
end of the night
sm: well what days do you work here? are you sure you don't want to grab a drink? i mean it wouldn't be romantic since you have a boyfriend and i have a wife. what do you think?
me: how about you just come in here the next time i work and we can chat over the bar? [and bring your wallet]

did you catch that?? MARRIED?! this is the reason why i don't really trust men. that and seeing how these assholes are at work....i am still waiting for that one that isn't like that.

funny thing is that i had already seen his wedding ring by the time he asked me out. at least hide it asshole.

AND i got asked if my glasses were prescription. yes, they are. and why do you care? order another drink. 

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