[i had nothing witty to put there]

thanks for all the nice comments yesterday. i appreciate knowing that my decision was a good one.

even if you can't laugh at my expense anymore. chelsea. i guess i will have to do stupid shit elsewhere to make you laugh.


i have a gala to go to for work tonight and i am debating on what i should wear. it is a black tie party but it is usually oldies so i don't think fashion is that big of a deal. and it is just a pain in the ass to get dressed up. but it is also fun. oh the joys.

but i colored my hair this weekend [just a touch up] so that is looking fresh. and i am getting a manicure. at lunch. apparently my cuticles are pretty bad. i've been told. so let's see what you think:

black-tie gala

black-tie gala by whitcole featuring a wool skirt

so option 1 is what i was thinking. the skirt i have is a little more high waisted and that j.crew taffeta material. option 2 is my go-to black-tie dress. which i am kind of tired of.

and what nail color? [better hurry because i only have 3 hours before i go]

sorry this is boring. and i am sure i won't have any awesome stories tomorrow since i am going with co-workers. and based on my etiquette class....2 drink max. that blows. [i am probably going to break the rule tonight though. if i'm giving up a weeknight, then i should get to drink. as much as i want. and i have a driver. so BAM!]

[i've used the label 'gala' before? oh this will be interesting. i bet it was last years]

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