American vs. Continental

Know the difference?

Know even what I'm referring too?

I learned the difference last night. Dining with the finest is hard. Real hard.

We had etiquette dinner last night and we learned allllllll about what to do and what not to do.

Some takeaways because I don't want you to be embarrassed like I was:

1. Never point your chopsticks at someone.
2. If someone is toasting you, you're not allowed to drink. don't celebrate yourself. Doi.
3. Your utensils and napkin send a message to the server. Fuck up, and your food might be taken away.
4. Don't break crackers in your soup. EVEN if you really want too.
5. Don't move your bread plate. Eat it from afar. Break off one piece and butter it individually before you eat it. And ESPECIALLY NEVER dip it in your soup. Never.
6. Don't go to a place where you have to use these. It's not worth the hassle. For reals.

I hope these were helpful and you can add them to your dining repertoire. If not, thanks for your time.

I wrote this on my phone. So be impressed.

And please forgive me for not catching up on your blogs, especially my new followers! But I will. Promise.