what are the rules for a tetanus shot?? anyone know?

i should get that checked out. i finally finished removing the staples in the wing back chair. holy shit. i've got a couple scratches and poke holes to show for it. it kind of looks like a cat attacked me. so instead of cat scratch fever i might just get tetanus...is that real? at any rate, i am glad to be done with the shitty part of this project. [i am not even thinking about how i have a WHOLE other chair]

so saturday i wanted to pick up some fabric from jo-ann's since they were having a columbus day sale. [just pointing out that i am at work on this holiday]. and i am pretty excited about what i chose. it is going to look awesome. i had to improvise in the store because the fabric that i REALLY wanted was 1.5 yard short of what i needed so it isn't EXACTLY what i wanted but i think i am going to be happy with the end result. i should be able to show you in about 2 months. ha. i kid. i kid. 3 months.


this weekend was pretty awesome. minus the slaughter of the gators. i couldn't even watch it.

it was nice and relaxing. just some sister time friday and saturday!

and then some family time with the grandparents, aunts and uncles, and little baby cousins! needless to say, i am going to stop eating. i think i ate my share of food for the week already. damnnnnn

i need to start thinking about my trip to san deigo next weekend!! i need some help picking out outfits if you have some time! i need to look amazing ;) i should probably get a spray tan just to top it all off. good thing i just cancelled my freaking membership. i am in idiot.

and what do you wear sky diving?? jeans and a t-shirt? i am at a loss with this one. i have NO clue. tennis shoes? i assume no heels. hahah.

until next time. i leave you with this:

Source: someecards.com via Whitney on Pinterest

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