sorry. no pictures.

i wish you could see all the mental pictures i snapped this weekend.

every time i blinked i took one.

friday night's pictures remind me of the end of hangover. which is good since i had to scroll through them to remember some of the night.


those boys can drink me under the table.

luckily i learned something though. made it all worth it.

AMF. it's a drink. adios mother..... i think you get the point. it's basically a long island iced tea but it's blue.

and it lives up to it's name. just saying.

quick recap:

land in san diego at 8. drink till 5 am. [awake for 26 hours]

wake up at 8 am. recap the night. see a couple girls take the walk of shame. mwahah. breakfast.

11 am. jump out of an airplane. holy fuck. [yes, that was needed mom] i will recap this part tomorrow.

dinner at an AMAZING restaurant on the bay. dirty martinis and steak. bliss.

wake up at 7 am. visit the 'o course' [bad ass obstacle course on base] drive to the san diego wild animal zoo. recap this tomorrow too. pretty awesome.

visit the hotel del coronado. gorgeous.

spend countless hours chugging beers watching football.

sleep 1 [MAYBE 2] hours on the red eye.

go to work. [grand total of sleep from friday to monday: 8 hours. BAM]

what a weekend. SO fun to see my friend and hang out like old times. it's amazing that time doesn't really change anything. just like it was years ago. that is my favorite part about friendship. never awkward.

your weekend as thrilling as mine??

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