san diego!


i am so pumped. i finished packing last night. what do you think??

san deigo trip

san diego trip by whitcole featuring gold earrings

obviously these aren't the exact things, since i can't afford those; but you get the idea. they are pretty darn close.

[just noticed in 'preview' that i included leather pants. those should be leggings. i don't wear leather pants. i think you knew that though.]

is it bad that i am only going for two FULL days and taking 4 pairs of pants?? i mean, i don't know what we are doing. i think it's fair.


this is my bad ass. taken like 5-6 years ago. [but how great does my hair look??]

[not my boyfriend. just a best friend.]

thanks kai for setting me straight on my spelling...i'm embarrassed now...but i don't live in california so maybe i shouldn't be...[i spelled it right on the tags. that counts]

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