real life.

this is real life.

did you see that video of david and the dentist? if you haven't, go to youtube now and type that in.

[i would embed the video but work blocks youtube--it's like it would be distracting at work or something]

anyway. no real correlation to today's post. just that i have been reading lots of your bloggies and realizing how much everyone goes through the same things in life.

it is refreshing to know that you aren't the only one having a bad day. or week. or even month. but there are SO many others that have found such inspiration to get them out of that rut and move on.

sorta pick you up by the boot straps kind of inspriation.

so i challenge you to find those bloggies and commend them on their positive thinking and maybe pass it along to someone else. #payitforward

here are some i just found this morning.

my favorite:

                                                               Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

ok? thanks.

on to friday's fancies.

i have been thinking about how much i am obsessed with prints lately. i don't actually own that many but if i wasn't on a spending freeze [for clothes] then i might buy a lot.

so my blazer that i picked is glorious. but i also found a similar one from H&M and figured i could emulate the outfit in a 'cheaper' way. what cha' think??

blazin' beauty

blazin' beauty by whitcole featuring flat heels

it is a little plain without my jewelry picks but i was running out of room on polyvore...sorry kiddos.

anyway. happy friday. i think we all deserve some good weekend plans. i know i am SO freaking excited to relax and enjoy this amazing weather.

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