let's bitch.

so a lot of my blogger friends do a 'what i am loving wednesday' post.

i am perplexed to think of anything that i love on wednesday's. this is the day that i am usually kind of fed up with things and ready for the weekend.

i guess that is why they do those posts to think positive.

but sometimes you should just be allowed to bitch...right?

sooo what if i turn my bitchfest to a lovefest? here goes nothing...

i'm loving that i am get to go to san deigo this weekend. i have never been and i get to see a best friend who just graduated from the US NAVY SEALS. so hanging out with some badass' for the weekend sounds pretty legit right? oh, and did i mention, we are going SKY DIVING?!

i'm loving this weather. i mean, not today. it's raining. but overall i am loving the fall air. i haven't turned my AC on in over a month. so a side 'i'm loving' is that i feel safe enough to sleep with my windows open.

i'm loving finding new blogs to read every day! especially the ones in my town! blate anyone?

i'm loving my sewing machine. not so much the pin pricks i get consistently [i shouldn't have to wear gloves right?] but i love the feeling of making something from nothing! [might be my construction side of the brain]

i'm loving that i can eat lunch whenever i want. so what if i am hungry at 11. i woke up earlier than you. [i bet]

i'm loving this little treat annahita just made. get in my belly now.

this was pretty easy.

guess i turned that frown upside down.

but seriously, some people annoy me.

so i will leave you with the last laugh.

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