i. am. awesome.

as annahita pointed out, i should take this opportunity to brag about how awesome i am.

[she didn't really say that]

but she urged me to write about bartending class. so if it is boring....blame her.

if you love it....yay, i AM awesome.

so last night was my first day of school. i have to admit, packing up my backpack was kind of fun. only my backpack was my purse and i only put a pencil in there. [details]

i didn't really know what to expect outside of the little time i spent there last week watching a class.

let's just say....it was amazing.

i have always wanted to be a bartender but never really thought i could pull it off. i mean, i think we both know that i don't take myself seriously. so having to make drinks for people i don't know kind of made me nervous. could i do it without laughing in their face when some douchebag orders a vodka cranberry? i mean, maybe you should just order a shirley temple. same amount of alcohol.

anyway, i rocked it last night.

so tonight we learn 20 more drinks. i think we are supposed to know 160 by the end of the class. which means i guess i can't focus on work anymore with all these recipes going on in the noggin. [there isn't a whole lot more room left in there]

so i will now be taking reservations for my skills. you just let me know when and where. but you owe travel. and hosting. and booze. i just show up. kapesh?

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