you know that hungover feeling where you just want to eat everything while putting an iv in your arm to hydrate you? yes, that is me today.

i have a confession.

i skipped class last night.

and it felt good.

kind of like when you skipped class in high school and you just felt like a rebel. same thing.

it was totally worth it.

i hadn't been to a happy hour in a while [maybe two weeks. ha] and i just needed it. and it was mug night at the local bar. so why would i pass up $1.50 blue moons? that would be ridiculous.

i just wish i stopped a little earlier. 5:30PM to 12 AM. wowza.

so today my friday's fancies are a little casual. because i want to be in bed right now.

time for fall

time for fall by whitcole featuring ray ban sunglasses

i couldn't figure out if those boots were girls or boys. but i went to the website and i am pretty sure they are girls but the picture of someone wearing them is a little questionable. 'her' head is cut off right at the mouth. so no defining features are showing.

anyway, enjoy your friday. and your weekend. i hope to show you my amazing chair on monday. but no guarantees. it might just be a picture of the sad face i will have, since i still have more work to do.

this post has been pretty random. hope you enjoyed it. :)

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