so recently i have been listening to my CD's since i had to get a new iPhone and lost all my songs. and i am too lazy to plug in my phone to upload them again. my sister has the computer with all the songs on it.

so i have resorted to listening to all the old CD's that i made back in college and even high school.

i love it.

sounds are the same as smells for me. [which is bad when you smell curve and instantly want to smack the shit out of the innocent guy wearing it because it reminds you of the jackass you dated in highschool]

but i know you know this. you put in a song and you are instantly taken back to the time you first heard it, the time in your life that you listened to it on repeat, or even something memorable you were doing when you heard it.

my all time favorite for high school was: marc cohn : 'walking in memphis'

it just brings back all the feelings of friendship for me. i would turn it up on my way to lunch with my friends and sing with the windows down. to this day, they will text me when they hear it on the radio. that is pretty special.

then you have songs like: afroman : 'because i got high'

which was just ridiculous. but hilarious. and the biggest song of the year when it came out. did my parents like it? no. was it quite catchy and easy to sing along with? YES.

and girlfriend songs that just make anything better. michelle branch. hello. or even meredith brooks. that was a little much with the parents but damn good song.

anything john mayer from the first album...mmmm...delicious.

talk about love songs. that was when he was awesome. and wasn't a dick.but seriously, what do you think of when you hear 'your body is a wonderland'? me, that same jackass i referred to earlier. he liked to sing. he wasn't good.

those were some good ol days.

and those were just the high school days.

i have HUNDREDS of songs to go through and listen and remember my years. it is sad but i think i have more CD's than i actually have pictures. here's to hoping my memory doesn't go. or else i will just be living on water and sunshine thinking i had a great life.

what are your songs you listen to and can remember exactly the time in your life you heard it?

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