you know what i am pumped for?

this weekend.

i get to see my bestie. you know, lindsay. in boston. for the blogger meet up with jillian and {av}.

i've never been to boston. and i have lived in dc for 3 years and it is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.

but mostly excited to see lindsay. we have made plans for meeting up with some fellow gator grads to watch the football game at a local gator bar. hollaaaa

that is what my friday's fancies will feature tomorrow. my gator blue and orange outfit. you. just. wait.

side note: i need some advice. i am on the fence about getting an iPad or MacBook. i have been without a personal computer since school and i have been dying to get a mac. but the iPad seems so useful. but i wouldn't be able to load photoshop on there. and i have been dying to learn the graphic design world....

so what would you do?!

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