i'm addicted.

remember when i said i was trying to see how long i could go without tv? well that was a terrible idea.

and i keep kidding myself that i don't actually love watching tv when i get home. but as sister kindly pointed out, it is my go to de-stresser. so i can't give it up. i guess i will have to give up something else. booze? ah, no that is worse. starbucks? damnnnnn. i think we found a winner.

that though of giving up booze just frightened me.

moving on.

this weekend was fan-tab-u-lous. friday i got to enjoy some quality time with sister and catch up on our show. which is now on break. damn.

saturday i joined in with some gator cheering.

BUT after the game we ventured to one of my fave bars. and man was i in store for something amazing.

this band is called toxic mouse [not sure what the story is] but just look:

best. night. ever.

you know those nights in college where all you wanted to do with sign with the band? and dance your heart out?? that was saturday night.

and i already have the 90's covered with my FAVORITE local band:

white ford bronco

isn't the name just amazing? yep...so is gretchen [lead singer]. we are real friends. you should probably try to see a show or two of theirs. you won't regret it. promise. [if you do, i will refund your cover]

god bless the usa.

and in light of my good mood...i've got a surprise for you. tomorrow. please playas, i can't give you everything in one day.

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