i love gator football.

i love the feeling of walking into the stadium on gameday and smelling those hot dogs, pizza hut pizza, and snuck in booze. i miss the days of going to every home [and most away] game.

but because i am older doesn't mean i can't enjoy the college football now. i will settle for sitting in a gator sponsored bar to watch and join in on the fight songs when we score a touchdown. and join in on the "ahhh's" when we get close but don't succeed.

gator nation is everywhere. [lame, i know]

just deal with the love i have for what i think is the best school in the country.

if you ain't a gator, you're gator bait.

gator gameday

gator gameday by whitcole featuring slip on shoes

how cute is albert and alberta? if i were a gator, i would totally fight her for him.

anyway, join up with {av} for friday's fancies and create your own outfit. it's pretty fun. and polyvore is addicting. so be prepared to spend all your time on there. warning you.

serious note: remember the day the towers fell? i will never forget.

take time this weekend to thank your soldiers for their service. i know i am grateful to live in this country. i will forever be indebted to our soldiers. 9/11 is no holiday. it isn't history. it is very much still present. be cautious. stay vigilant. and tell your family you love them.

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