i hate parking tickets. i mean who do they think they are to just hand out these expensive tickets like they are candy? 

maybe those tickets have pink on the back but that doesn't mean i want them.

and now i am $25 poorer and all because i didn't ready the caveat to the parking sign. bull shit.

my weekend?

oh thanks for asking. it was glorious.

friday watched cedar rapids. pretty good. i just wish i remembered to return it the last three days. red box....grrr. drank a $2.95 bottle or cabernet. thank you whole foods and zachary. good thing that is in my budget.

saturday, i FINALLY made it back to yoga. and it felt good. i mean real good. i remembered why i pay for a membership. after, i met up with a college bestie [who just moved here!!!] for some lunch. then headed out of town for a wedding.

on a farm. that should have only taken 2.5 hours. but it took us 3.5. nbd. but good thing we got lost because i got to see a lot about VA that i never knew existed. like a little place call bumpass. you might pronounce is bum-pass. but we liked to call it bump-ass. i think that is right. check out this site here. oh, and we drove through mineral, va...the epicenter to the earthquake. a little less awesome than i thought it would be. and beaverdam, va. how am i missing out on all the great places...living in arlington. boring.

sunday....oh sunday. i did a little shopping...actually i didn't buy anything. i made money. [i returned something]. then went to meet up with some friends for drinks. a lot of drinks. not after i walked 2 miles. up hill. in sandals. [i'm an idiot--but there was no bus].

i think i consumed approximately 20 drinks. but, it was over 11 hours. that isn't bad...right?

monday i was not feeling good. at all. so i slept. a lot. and without tv [or internet] i read a lot. which is pretty boring.

i tried to see how long i could go without cable or internet but i think i am giving in. i missed the season finale of kuwtk and suits. i can't live like this. i'm scheduling comcast now. [even though i hate them-what choice do i have?!].


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