how is it ONLY thursday?

well blogger just told me this title is not original. which makes me think all my weeks are long. damnnn

i got an email from amazon this morning that i get my sewing machine tomorrow!! whoop whoop. i didn't even have to pay for expedited shipping. let's just take a moment to praise the good work that amazon does.


but if you go to their website daily [like i do] you noticed yesterday was a big announcement.

Third Alt Text
the new kindle fire.

i can't even think right now because i am so sad that i have a black and white kindle. and this is out there. it is like an iPad but by amazon. however, right now, it doesn't have 3G capability. so i think i will wait for the next version. they also came out with a new kindle version. touch screen. i mean, COME ON. i am happy for them. i vote them and apple to rule the world. wouldn't you?

anyway, today is ONLY thursday. and what should most people do on thursdays? attend happy hour of course. i usually have a hard time passing it up on thursdays. it is just so easy to jump the gun and celebrate the weekend a little early.

i'll survive. 

what are you doing this weekend? the weather has turned BEAUTIFUL and i can't wait to enjoy it. 

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