happy humpday.

thank goodness it is wednesday. i was beginning to think that the week would never end. but wednesday is the breaking point. downhill after this.

so i promised some recaps from my LOVELY weekend with the new england bloggers at rendezvous-new england.

starting with: seeing my bffl [best friend for life--doi] lindsay. we had so much fun catching up. it is amazing how different it is to catch up IN PERSON compared to on the phone. we talked about everything! growing up is hard. so to have someone in your same boat...makes it a little easier to paddle. haha. pun intended.

anyway, the trip to boston was easy. arrived 30 minutes EARLY. you know that is a start to a great trip when that happens. a little sushi and vino in our bellies, and we hit the sack. not before the 'friends' marathon on nickelodeon. i'm pretty sure i didn't know they could play that show on that channel...i guess not too many kiddos are up at 11 pm?

saturday was PACKED with planned activities, both by us and {av} and jillian. we participated in the boston chocolate tour first. which, i am going to air some dirty laundry here and say that i don't really LOVE chocolate. and neither does lindsay. so we were a little nervous about the tour. the company of the blogger ladies [and one gent] was awesome. but the chocolate was too much. two stops in, we couldn't eat anymore. so we just kept putting it in our take away bag for later. or in our case, later for the boys doing a bar crawl in the southside at 4 pm when we were walking by....our waistlines thanked us for giving it away. BUT i think you should try the tour out if you love chocolate.

after a quick shower we headed to the charlesmark hotel lounge for some mixing and cocktails. cutest hotel. {av} pointed out the little red subway titles that were everywhere. i think they also served some cocktails with gummy bears in them. i mean....that's awesome. you should probably check that one out when you go.

after some introductions, lindsay and i headed to the local gator alumni watching bar. it was awesome to watch the game with so many gator fans. i think i already told you guys, but the gator nation is everywhere. and...we won. typical. this weekend should be interesting with playing the vols. true talent will come out.

sunday, we went to SoWa to see the sunday farmers market. it was awesome! it reminded me a lot of eastern market here in DC. but we don't have food trucks. just food stands. it was awesome!

lastly, we hung out in the apple store getting my phone replaced. using the home button on the iphone is pretty essential. so when that doesn't work...gets a little annoying. but thankfully Ray at the boston apple store, is awesome and replaced the phone...and it was 5 days out of warranty. baller.

oh, check out this awesome shirt i won from EmersonMade! i think you should go check them out and buy something for yourself!

thanks {av} for the great idea of using hardwood floors as the backdrop. #brilliant

and finally, i hope you aren't bored yet. but look at these beauties i got in the mail last night?? i put myself on shopping restrictions this month, but i bought these last month and hautelook always takes a while to ship stuff. but i am PUMPED to finally have knives that are sharp and work. and let me tell you, they are sharp. however getting them out of that plastic shit was more dangerous than using the knives themselves. there has to be a better way to pack them. i hate that shit. come on, we are almost to 2012. that is like 'the future.'

i will cut you.

maybe tomorrow i will be back with funny comments. to entertain you.

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