friday's fancies

i slept with my windows open last night. amazing.

and i am in LOVE with this week's theme at {long distance loving} for friday's fancies!

crazy about boots

crazy about boots by whitcole featuring plaid tops

i probably couldn't pull this look off but i love those boots! they are much more stylish than my work boots. much MUCH more.

big plans for the weekend??

i have to work tomorrow for a little while [a full 8 hours] but i am gonna be so ready for the game tomorrow.


sorry charlie. but roll tide? suck it.

[i am a little nervous though. think happy thoughts]

oh and send HAPPY HAPPY thoughts to lindsay for the dartmouth game this weekend.

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go big green!

oh and p.s. did you know that polyvore counts the number of views? i am kind of a celebrity on there. that is pretty awesome. you're welcome for knowing me. 

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