friday's fancies

let's all just have a moment and be thankful it is friday.


ok, now back to business. check out this sweet outfit that i just posted to {av}'s friday's fancies.

cozy fall weekend

cozy fall weekend by whitcole featuring high heel clogs

i am in love with everything on there. that jacket...i die. [rachel zoe would too i think]

and i am pretty sure those clogs are a hot commodity with all the missoni hype going around. #winning.

anyway, i am pretty pumped for this weekend. i am not going out of town. and i get to sleep in my own bed for as long as i want!

and the gators are playing uk. i hope we win. i think we will though. we are ballers.

happy friday ladies! [and couple gents out there reading this] i wish you the best weekend at the start of fall!

what are your plans?

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