grrr.... blogger was down so i couldn't post this last night when i wrote it...

so on my drive into work this morning i was listening to the radio when they polled the listeners with this question:

'ladies, which would you prefer: your man dressed in a nice suit or nekid?'
which my immediate reaction is suit BY a MILE. something about a man dressed up. gets me every time. 
then the word 'dangle' came out of almost EVERY callers' mouth. which totally just put this mental image in my head i couldn't shake all day. thanks. 
what do you think? they went as far as nekid v. skivvies. skivvies still won. and i agree. you??
this week has been CRAWLING by. like tip. toe. tip. toe. 

so the last post i did about my job. i was so pumped since it was ending? yeah, well it ended monday. hallelujah. welllllll it took me climbing MOUNTAINS to get there. let me paint a mental picture for you:
14th day in a row of working. greasy hair. crawling on the ground picking up screws, tape, dirt, anything. vacuuming. with a BACKPACK vacuum. 97 working hours in 8 days. 
so we all went to happy hour last night to celebrate the big day. we beat the schedule by 37 days. that is unheard of. so a little background about a couple words that mean money in my world. 
beneficial occupancy: owner can move in and can operate at a minimal level and still function. 
substantial completion: DONE. DONE. DONE. with a couple odds and ends to tie up.  
we weren’t supposed to get substantial until september 15th. we pulled off miracles. 
i've got big plans this weekend. sleep. and TIM McGRAW concert with a bestie. he said i could booze and he would be my dd. so i am pretty sure you will get some good pics out of this weekend. isn't it so sweet that he is taking one for the team and letting me booze cruise?! i'll keep him. 
and pick out a PERFECT BIRTHDAY outfit for next weekend. oh sorry, you didn't know. next friday is the big day. 25. i am kind of freaking out.  i mean 25 is one quarter of my life. {yes, i know people don’t live to 100 anymore. or ever did} 
so i need some help picking out what to wear. i would love to recreate my last week’s fancies. black dress. red lips. my sexy, nerdy glasses. eh?
it is a day party so i might need something more casual. send suggestions my way!!

i'm loving this bigger font. i am trying to get across the fact that i am ecstatic that i can breathe again. like literally blown away with the weight that was lifted off these beautiful shoulders. come on, i had to throw some snide remark in there. or else it wouldn't be me. 

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