what a weekend.


i will say that the BEST part about a 3 day weekend is the 4 day WORKWEEK. i would give up a working day anytime.

this weekend we {sister and i} had a BLAST. at least i think so. sister might say different. we hadn't seen eachother in like a month so it was nice to spend quality time together.

friday night we attempted to go out. but after my galavanting at a thursday happy hour {which ended up being 5 hours and 10 beers and 3 tequila shots....wtf. it was THURSDAY}i needed to end my friday happy hour early. i did make it out though. and i did drink a beer. much to my stomachs' {and heads'} demise.

but saturday i woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. spent some quality time in the sun at the pool. and it was HOT. not just hot. but FREAKING HOT. but i put on my SPF and rocked it. no sunburn. just a nice shade of brown.

saturday night i wanted to be an adult and try a nice place for dinner and go out to a civilized bar for drinks. sister and i looked up saturday happy hours and tried a sangria place. AMAZING. it was $15 for a pitcher. and we drank it all in our allotted 1 hour time frame. #winning. picked up a new friend at the bar too. followed {not in the creepy way} her to the next spot and met some of her friends. here is one of the introductions:

me: hi, i'm whitney. this is my sister lindsey.
him: hi, i'm {let's call him 'him'} him. i'm from detroit.
me: oh cool.
him: so, if you and your sister are in to polygamy, we can go back to detroit and make it happen.
me: excuse me?
him: oh yeah, i mean if you two are down, i think it would be awesome.
me: no thanks.

he later explained he was trying to make a joke about detroit. BUT i think it failed miserably. and i mentioned he probably shouldn't try that one again. EVER. but at least you guys are benefiting form the story.

sunday, i wanted to make it to my FAVORITE sunday lunch spot....eastern market for the best falafel in town. and since sister is tired of going there i figured i could convince her if i bribed her with riding a bike there. stupid me. 2 hours later and sweat soaked clothes we made it. luckily i convinced her to metro home. i will say it would have been fun if it wasn't 100000 degrees outside with no wind. capital bikeshare is legit. no, we did not wear helmets. no, i wouldn't post a picture even if i am lying.

after our marathon, we did a mini bar crawl. PERFECT sunday adventure if you ask me. i think we hit 7 bars. one of them included 3 sake bombs. in 15 minutes. good idea. i know.

FINALLY, this weekend recap is almost over.

monday, we planned on hanging by the pool again but the weather kind of sucked. we instead caught up on law and order, hoarded, housewives, etc. cooked some great meals. and watched the festivities on tv. lame is probably what you are thinking but i thought it was glorious.

now back to the real world.

oops, i forgot....the GIVEAWAY winner!!!

that means.....annahita from forever88. i am pretty sure she is going to be pumped. i just have a feeling....

annahita...send me an email with your address and i'll hook you up!

thanks to everyone that entered. it was exciting for me to have a giveaway on here. hollaaaa