portland recap. part two.

i suck at updating when i am busy. shame on me. no sympathy needed.

anyway, back to portland. i think i left off on saturday.

remember when i told you we were obsessed with diners, drive-ins, and dives? well this place that sister wanted to go for breakfast was on there. and it was AMAZING. they are known for their chicken biscuits. it was no chick-fil-a that is for sure. look at this beaut:

that would be fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and GRAVY. sorry i'm not sorry. fatass.

after talking to some people next to us at the breakfast place {i forget the name} we decided we should go to the farmers market. apparently it is the best on the west coast. that's what they said at least. i am sure they are biased. but it was freaking amazing. they had EVERYTHING. including the biscuits that we drove 20 minutes for. anyway. the fruits and veggies were just so fresh and i couldn't believe our market in DC was so shitty.

once we finished up with the market {in the rain} we needed to nap. big breakfast and long walk warrants for one. but not before food truck round two. i ordered a huge chicken tikka marsala at the indian food truck and it was amazing. i would venture to say the best indian food i have ever had.

dinner--we decided to skip since we had eaten all day. so instead we did our own bar crawl. it was pretty fun to see all the different parts of portland. all of the places we went to were by local recommendations. some, i would be ok not going back to {doug fir} since i really liked {noble rot}. but all in all it was so fun.

sunday, i shopped till i dropped and we just hung out and relaxed. it was pouring all day so we didn't feel like getting soaked...sans umbrellas and rain jackets.

this weekend mom came into town....don't we all look alike?!

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