portland recap. part one.

so i have decided i will never get around to sitting down and writing a whole recap on my weekend. so i will just break it up into two parts. maybe three. depending on my time allotment.

but overall, the weekend was awesome.

thursday night i arrived around 10 pm western time....so i had been up for 20 hours. no biggie. but we were ready to explore. so we asked our front desk where we should go for a night cap and snacks. since we were staying downtown we were pointed to portland city grill.it was delicious dirty martinis and fried calamari.

next up: voodoo doughnut. but let me back up for a sec:

sister and i watch two shows religously: diners, drive-thrus, and dives AND man v. food. so we sister had been taking notes for all the places she wanted to visit. of course a trip should revolve around food.

ok back to voodoo. man v. food visited this a while back and witnessed a wedding there. which just intrigued us. who wouldn't want to see this place? even though sister doesn't even like doughnuts {crazy if you ask me} we got up early and walked down to the riverside location.

even on friday at 7 am there was a line. but the longest line was saturday night around 11 pm. crazy!! so we waited our turn and ordered: capitain my captain {i'm pretty sure you know my love for captain crunch at this point}, bacon maple bar, miami vice, and blueberry cake.

1. bacon maple {but couldn't eat the whole thing}
2. everything else.

i was pretty disappointed in the doughnuts actually. i was really excited but they were WAY too sweet and i guess i just like to stick to good ol dunkin. call me old fashioned. but i was a little sad i didn't love it.

after the sugar high, we wanted to walk around the city and see what else they have to offer. it was awesome. tons of cute neighborhoods. nice shops. great looking restaurants. BUT a lot of cracked out homeless people. not just regular homeless, but ones that would either yell at you or yell at themselves...not normal. not even for DC.

next up: my favorite part of porland. the FOOD TRUCKS. omg. i want to live there just for that.
friday i ate the best burrito ever. at tito's burrito. i mean party in my mouth. there were hundreds to chose from. it was insane. and they were all so inexpensive. you could get a FULL MEAL for $5. and there isn't sales tax there....

after we stuffed our bellies we thought it would be a great idea to hike. {i would recommend waiting a couple hours after consuming a huge burrito--i almost puked a couple times} but it was so nice out there. not much wildlife other than a couple MASSIVE slugs. gross. and spider webs. nasty. and some dogs. {not strays}

{i look pretty glam for hiking eh?}

after an afternoon nap we yelp'ed it and found an extremely high rated italian place up the street. i loved my meal and the bottle of wine. sister didn't. at all. not my fault. yelp said it was excellent.

that is all for part one. i don't want to bore you too much.

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