much better.

man yesterday was just shitty. but that pizza and beer really worked. can't go wrong with digorno pizza. that shit is GOOD.

i thought yesterday was going to be a good day. i pull into my parking garage and someone is blaring ludacris' 'i wanna lick lick lick you from your head to your toe...' i mean how can you go wrong with that? so what if it is 6 AM it is seems highly innappropriate? it cheered me up. but then it all went down hill from there. i guess this promotion is a lot harder than i had planned. grrrr. i guess that is normal.

so today i make a stop at starbucks just to pick up my norm venti unsweetened ice coffee. the barrista tells me they NOW have the trenta cups. oh, the decisions. i opt out but am a little intrigued. so i head to the end of the counter to pick up my beverage...and she 'accidentally' made a trenta. what if i get hooked on this size??

i can't really tell a difference but it is iced coffee. i hope people don't order those sugary drinks in that size. or their ass will just keep growing....

shit. that venti looks SO small....

well i hope you kids get that song outta your head because i woke up singing 'so you had a bad day'. i am forcing it out and trying to get luda stuck...

he is way cooler than daniel powter

but after looking him up online...he isn't bad weird?

anyway, back to work kiddos.

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