july 1st....wtf. 2011 is almost over.

ok, so it isn't ALMOST but we are in the downhill portion of the year. where has the time gone?

for me: work.

but whateves. life has been good lately. and even if i complain it doesn't change anything so i am trying to stop. 'cup half full' kind of thing...

but look at this SWEET outfit i am {not} wearing to my fourth of july bbq. {this outfit is not a outdoors--eat hamburgers--drink beer--kind of outfit}

fourth of july

fourth of july by whitcole featuring ankle strap pumps

Sheer tank top, $225
Moschino C C pleated pencil skirt, $390
Giuseppe Zanotti ankle strap pumps, $650

sign me up for these little gems.

go on over to {long distance loving} for your own creation to be posted. it is SO fun to create your dream outfit...without spending the pesos.

do work son.