check out my new page: books. {up top...a little to the left. you see it?}

not sure if this solidifies the fact that i am a dork. but if that didn't, the fact that i am home on saturday night thinking about the next thirty books i am going to read does.

you still love me though. i know.

but i am taking a break from potter. i am in the middle of book 5 and just lost interest. so i tried to watch the movies to get back into it and it didn't work. so i scanned me folder of free kindle books and update my kindle library...NERD ALERT!!

anyway, i have to work tomorrow. but not too much. go to pregame for BRITNEY SPEARS. there is NO way i am going to b.spears dead sober. give me a break. i'll report back monday. hopefully with pics.

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