the captain is my hero.

capitan crunch that is. shit. that is like crack. literally. i mean i have never done crack but i think that is what it would be like.

'you know, I really thought it was that can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over- the-fence, world-series kind of stuff. '

thanks it takes two. 

anyway, here are TWO great ways to eat capt'n crunch as an adult.

1. in your smoothie. instead of adding it to your fro-yo {which is always tasty} make a fruit smoothie and just keep putting handfuls on top...yup. good. amazing. 

2. on your french toast. i can't take the credit for this amazing idea but dives, diners, and drive-thru's can. so this place in baltimore {i forget the name} makes like the most amazing {through smellivision i am guessing} breakfast food. ONE being french toast coated in capt'n crunch and then cooked. well, i didn't drive to baltimore but i did walk to the grocery store {with my backpack} to get the ingredients. and a six pack. don't judge.

anyway, it is nice to go back to the childhood loves...i recommend it. i might actually eat it with milk in the morning. for breakfast. i know right? RISKY.

besides that, monday's suck. i hope yours was just as bad as mine. and i hope you got your ass kicked by yoga 2 tonight too. because i did. and i don't feel good about it.

peace out. 

ps. i got my TOP SECRET clearance today. official. i am changing my name to cba. CERTIFIED BAD ASS. you can thank my boo for that nickname. because he is one. i am just borrowing it for now. 

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