beachwear. friday's fancies. hollaaa

so my beach feelings are a catch 22. i love taking the time off. BUT i don't like sand. it gets all up in everything. and when you get hot and you take a dip in the water and the sand sticks to you....ARGH i hate that.

so i CHOOSE the pool. but it is relaxing to sit in a chair and listen to the waves. reading a nice book.

anyway, this friday's fancies is one of my faves....mainly because this dress. and shoes. and bracelets. and sunglasses. ok, so EVERYTHING i want to buy. but seriously....christian....i don't always love your shoes, but these are AMAZING. and i need to find a way to get them.


beachwear by whitcole featuring chain jewelry

CALYPSO ST BARTH off shoulder dress, $250
Christian Louboutin leather heels, $305
Sydney Evan chain jewelry, $1,035
Castor Pollux monogrammed jewelry, $40
Ray-Ban ray ban shades, $239

i know right?!

so create your own beachwear outfit and link up to {long distance loving}. oh, but don't forget to LIKE mine...i would love a little shout out next week!!

to follow up on this post last week: the construction project is still going on. it was NOT as easy as i thought. therefore, i am waiting for my dad to fix it....i am too embarrassed to ask one of my boyfriends from work. because it seems to be easy...but it isn't.

but believe me, i will let you know what i couldn't do. and you will probably laugh your ass off. you're welcome.

but today, go check out chick-fil-a for your cow appreciation day. i am going and I CAN'T WAIT. i haven't had it in so long so i earned it. if you dress up like a cow you get a free me. too bad i tossed my halloween costume from that year...yes, it is true. i did have a cow costume. no, it was not a hit.

peace out. today's friday. and i. am. pumped. but i do have to work tomorrow. shit.

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