200 hundredth post. and i am trying something different. no title. i am getting tired of trying to come up with something witty everytime. {so really i am just lazy and taking it out on you--sorry}

but can you believe 200? i can't. i created this little guy january of 2010 {which means if i only have 200 posts that i am a slacker...} and we've been through a lot. i've changed his style. changed his attitude. and exploited him.

enough crazy talk.

it's friday and i missed last week because of my CRAZY work schedule. and my lack of creativeness really. but i am back in action for {long distance loving}'s friday's fancies. {av} is getting SO much love over there. it is 7 AM and there are already 24 people linked up!

so this outfit i created is ballin. look at this bracelet. i die. {rachel zoe, you still are my nemesis}. but seriously.

weekend outfit

weekend outfit by whitcole featuring suede slip on shoes

so head over to {long distance loving} and link up too. it is so much fun to dream you are a rich little lady.

you wanna know what i am doing this weekend? nothing. sleeping. and napping. and probably eating. maybe throw some yoga in there. OH YEAH and BRITNEY SPEARS concert sunday night. nbd. box seats. hollaaaaa

i'm hungover and tired. so sorry it wasn't as good for you as it was for me. 200 is a lot. and i hope i haven't hit my peak already...

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