wednesday: wish day! part dos.

today i am bringing you this hilarious blog friend of mine. she is pretty much awesome. i envy her hilarious blog posts when mine are mundane and filled with complaints. so thankfully she helped me out and is sharing her wishes with us.

all of these are legit. everyone could use a little bit of wishing to help them get through the work days.

what would you wish for if you had a genie at your fingertips??

me: i am living it right now. drinking bloody marys and rum runners RIGHT NOW as you read this...ha.

hi everyone! annahita here from forever88 - filling in for whitney while she's on vacation [are you jealous? because I really am]... 

well today's post is about wishes - specifically, my wishes [because clearly you want to hear about them and me]... when I think about wishes I think about birthday cakes and blowing out the candles [and clearly I can't tell you what I wished for this year or it wouldn't come true]... but I will share with you some of my wishes for this summer... [and now I'm thinking about birthday cake, oh funfetti - come to me now...]

I wish... I could be healthy. [and not thinking about birthday cake right now] seriously. It's time to get my act together and start ordering grilled chicken and vegetables or salad instead of cheeseburgers and french fries... I wish I had the willpower to actually follow through with this... which brings me to the related wish - I wish I had the body of a sports illustrated super model. [do I really need to explain this one? Okay, I guess I could settle for just eating healthy, working out more and being back to my pre-winter-hibernation weight...

I wish... to spend my days soaking up sunshine. lots and lots of sunshine! I want to lay at the pool, lake, beach - hell my backyard. I just want to soak up the sun this summer and relax, read and drink the occasional glass of sangria! seriously, can I quit my job now and hire a cabana boy? [aka make my husband serve me fruity drinks]

I wish... for cold hard ca$h. can we win the lotto this summer and get out of debt? no. okay, then I guess I can learn to cut corners and save some money.  forget that last wish, what I really wish for is - VACATION. I want to relax somewhere with my love and just be. It's actually like the culmination of my other wishes [be able to wear a bikini without small children crying, lay in the sun and drink, and have the money to do it].  I'll even call it my honeymoon... [can you believe we still haven't taken one? wtf]

...and just when you thought I was really shallow, I also wish for world peace and maps! 

happy wednesday chickens!
what are you wishing for?