vacation recap

so i am finally getting around to posting about my aMAZing vacation.

i wouldn't say it was adventurous. but i would say it was RELAXING beyond belief. 

our room. yes, king size bed. yes, romantic. awkward.

view from the pool. lots of chairs. and thankfully LOTS of umbrellas to keep the sun off my sunburn...i got the first day. #LOSING

my view most of the week. read: book 3 harry potter. lincoln lawyer. the help. the particular sadness of lemon cake. and started book 4 harry potter. #WINNING

getting ready to reel in the big ones. i look legit. i know. {fishing shirt. fishing hat. hollaaaaa}

excuse the dude-ness of me. it was hot and i wasn't worried about picking up the el capitan.

the fruits of my labor. 25 minutes to reel this sucka in. {i was sore for 2 days}

just drinking some el presidente with the el capitan and his first mate. 

{i had a picture of me and the fish on here but somehow it got deleted...and the pic is at home. so just believe me when i say i caught that monster of a white marlin}

this was a highlight of the trip. we could only eat so much resort food. so we made an outing to get some REAL food. 2 coke lites. pringles. CHEETOS. recreos {oreos}. lollipops. all for 350 pesos. good thing we had 10$. 

see the glee on my face. cheetos fingers and coke in my hand. one happy lady.

last day. during the thunderstorm. a little chilly. so why not drink more??


all in all we had so much fun. not glad to be back. not glad to be peeling my sun off. but i got my piece of mind back. and that is what matters most!!!

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