vacation is a wonderful thing.

until you realize you have to get back to WORK.

but my boss did tell me that i can slack off for two days since i went out of the country. i don't think he knows it was the same timezone. and i'm not telling him.

in summary: the vacation was perfect. i went wanting to just RELAX. as you know, i am very highstrung. so just to sit and read {3 books!}, eat, and drink by the pool/beach, it was everything i wanted and needed.

i did make it charter fishing one day and reeled in a BIG one. pictures to follow.

but i just want to thank my lovely guest bloggers! i loved seeing all the comments while i was away...yes, the dominican has internet--alittle shotty but still works...

so check them out everyday to learn more about their lives, passions, and things they like to bitch about.

megan: a suitcase and stilettos
annahita: forever88
laura: an apple a day
jenna: that's what she said

once i get all the pictures loaded somewhere i will post. sister and i had an amazing trip and i am ready to plan another one. we decided to take a big trip like that every two years. gives you time to save little by little without impeding on my new love of shopping....

we stop: GREECE. {right sister?}

all are welcome to come. i am sure the detail will be on here at some time or another.

finally, i need your help channeling good thoughts to my job. i am in the last couple of weeks here on the project and everything is going one million miles an hour. we work round the clock. so i am trying to stay positive but it is hard. and i am also awaiting my next assignment...which i HOPE to hear within the month. location: UNKNOWN. so i will for sure keep you posted but i might need some friends from my blogosphere wherever i go!