so indecisive...AND a GIVEAWAY!!

i couldn't stand looking at my face everytime i went to check if i had anymore followers.

ergo, you have a better {atleast i think} header to look at.

and it has the cheerios. i just could't let them go. they are who i am.

i just wish i could actually blog about life instead about blogging about changing my header.

i'll try:

i am going against forever 88 and rooting for the gators tonight.

gators rule. cocks drool.

do work son.

i am also beat from the cooking extravaganza i had after work. i figured i could use cooking as an excuse for not having time to go to yoga. it worked. and i came up with some pretty awesome stuff....

quinoa and spring vegetable pilaf. via epicourious. amazing. i will say it was a little weird to puree peas and chicken stock and then pour it in with everything. and...never cooked quinoa. PRETTY easy.

i mean it is GREEN....

then, my favorite, tzaziki sauce. i failed big time the first time i made it but this and coincidentally they are great together. BUT i made enough for a small army. i am not good with cutting recipes. and since it is just me....guess i will be eating this for a week. i am ok with it. for now.

lastly, i have been so excited to be able to have more time for blogging lately that i have decided to do a giveaway!!

this will be my 'happy summer' giveaway!

remember when i made this bracelet?

well....i made it back to home depot this weekend {more on that later this week} and picked up enough brass nuts {ha, who wouldn't want to wear brass nuts on their wrists??} for you!!

so, to enter:

1. follow cheeriosandbeer
2. blog about this giveaway on your blog and link back to me!
3. follow @wrcole on twitter and tweet about the giveaway!! {enter @wrcole in your tweet}

{i am not on facebook so you are exempt from that :) }

each one is one entry but you will need to leave a comment for each entry.

i am actually really excited about this. i love this bracelet and i know you would love it too! perfect for the summer outfits!

the winner will be picked tuesday, july 5th.

can't wait!!

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