my blogger friends are awesome.

they introduce me to the coolest people, websites, clothes, everything.

yesterday, i ordered some legit stuff. all found guys!!

to be honest, i forgot whom i got these ideas from so i am sorry. and i will just thank all of you!!

purchase number one:

can you believe this is so cute??
check out to get cha one.

Purchase number two:

courtesy of

i have been wanting new glasses recently and this website that one of you lovely ladies told me SO cheap for prescription glasses. i got both of these for 40$ total. now, i just have to hope they look cute...on me.

so if i benefited from it, i think you should too. 

other than that, i was in the car for 5 hours today. up to new jersey and back. what for you ask....a 15 MINUTE meeting. yeah yeah sometimes it is more effective to be there in person but geez la weez. i stopped for lunch longer than i was at my meeting.

until next time. be good.


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