it's a love/hate relationship.

this guest blogger is one of my longest standing besties too.

she has a blog about her life and healthy living called an apple a day. you can check it out here.

thursday: love/hate.

i wish thursday was friday. but i am so glad it isn't wednesday. let along monday.

i love happy hour on thursdays.

i hate being tired on friday. {because of happy hour}

anyway, laura describes her love/hate relationship with her place of residence!!

thanks lady! xo

It’s Truly a Love-Hate

The Gateway to the West. North America’s Best Sports City. The home of Anheuser- Busch. The Show- Me state. That’s right, I’m talking about St. Louis, Missouri. Some of my friends didn’t even know St. Louis was in MO…funny. I’ve lived here for 3 years now, and I have truly developed a love-hate relationship with this large, Midwestern city. Let me fill you in.

The loves…

The hates…

So, do I love or hate STL…LOVE! I could go on and on about the perks, but Whitney would be annoyed at how I hogged her blog space Give it a shot- head on over here to the heart of the Midwest and see if it’s a love or a hate for you!