i need to see a doctor.

i'm all sorts of wrong.

i don't know what day it is. i thought it was tuesday for the last three days. that is weird. i hope this doesn't mean i am prone to get alzheimer's. i am thinking i should start taking ginseng. {anyone take that? doesn't it work?}

i also left the living room light on last night {apparently} and i get up in the middle of the night and freak out that i am getting robbed. because why would i leave the light on? robbed? seriously whitney? 

anyway, today is THURSDAY. and tomorrow is FRIDAY.

this friday {tomorrow} is a big day. at work. i have been working on something for THREE years pretty much and i can turn it over to the owner on FRIDAY. lots of blood, sweat, and tears {no seriously, tears} went into this and i can't wait to be done with it. my sister says i should be proud. but, i am just ready to be done. proud will come later when i have forgotten all the bs i had to deal with.

so tomorrow i will go out and celebrate. after a nap of course. and THEN my boss says i can stay on easy street until i am done with this project. that means: coming in at 7. leaving at 4ish. i mean that is paradise. i will probably have a chair named after me at our pool. i might get a margarita machine. and just drink those everyday. ok, i can't get ahead of myself. 

since i haven't been on here in a while to share my life with you i forgot to tell you that i went to see GLEE on TOUR last thursday. it was AMAZING. i didn't know what to expect since i had never seen a tv show on tour but it was way better than anything i could have imagined. AND the warblers were there. teenage dream. yup. favorite song. the only one i recorded. but concert pictures never come out so here is what i got:
never uploaded a video before! {let me know if it doesn't work}

that's the stage from the box. yeah, we had great seats. thanks to my company!

so there you have it. that is what is going on in my world. thanks for sticking around during my absences. i know i can be boring and whiny so thanks!

i hope to catch up on your blogs this weekend! so send me some links for the posts that i missed! i REALLY want to read them!