friday: freak out!

jenna did a little intro to our friendship so nothing really is needed here...

however, she is amazing. if you need a pick me up she will totally do that. you should see her 'feeding the chickens''s glorious.

on top of that. she has decided to share her scariest thing that has ever happened and she survived story. i personally can say i would die if this happened to me. i am no lightweight when it comes to things like that. i get mightmares from sixth sense. i mean, come on.

anyway, i think you should follow her blog. everyday. she lives the texas life.

Hellllllllo followers of cheerios and beer. My name is Jenna over at That’s What She Said, and I’m so excited to be a guest poster while Miss Whitney is basking in the sun! A little about myself: I am from Tampa, Florida and went to college with our very own Whit. I could go on and on about our insane stories from University of Florida, our sorority and the more recent weddings we’ve been to, but I won’t. I’ll just tell you that I miss her dearly, and I have the BEST friends (and memories) from college imaginable.

Anywhoo, on to your entertainment for today – the scariest thing that has ever happened to me…

This may not seem scary at first, but bear with me. Our senior year of college, a group of us rented a condo in Key West for spring break. It was pretty awesome - the place was right on Duval Street, which is the heart of the partying in Key West. After a couple of all-nighters, we decided to take a night off to go on a ghost tour, order in some pizza, drink some vino and veg (side note: there was a marathon of Bad Girls on TV…SCORE!). It was a much-needed little break from the boozefest that is Spring Break in Key West. The condo was very small – it had a kitchen and TV room plus two bedrooms that were adjacent to each other. In the middle of the night, I heard a blood-curdling scream from the room next to where I was sleeping with my friend Hallie. I am talking the LOUDEST most terrifying scream in the world. I honestly couldn’t move…I was thinking there was an intruder in the house and had no idea what to do. For some reason, I wanted to scream out the names of my three friends (Carolina, Allison and Rachel) who were in the adjacent room, but I couldn’t find the words. Hallie woke up at the sound of the scream, looked at me and went back to bed (funny now, but in the moment I was thinking “what the hell! Am I the only one freaking out here!?!” haha). I immediately got up, locked our bedroom door (as if this would help), and woke Hallie up and said “something bad happened…there is something wrong, and we need to do something.” I tried calling all three cell phones of my friends next door, and no one picked up. I started thinking of escape plans…if I could just open the window, we could jump down the three stories to the ground (there goes our legs), then call the cops and everything would be OK, right? Hallie suggested we try to call them one more time before we overreact. FINALLY, after what seemed like hours, Allison answered and I said “what the hell is going on, is everything okay?” She said very timidly “Hi. We’re fine…Carolina had a night terror.”

Well, Carolina apparently has very bad/real nightmares sometimes, and this was one of them. She had a dream she was being attacked and reacted (hence, the scream). I don’t think her bedmate Allison will ever recover from this experience. What I felt being in the room next door was nothing compared to being next to her in bed in a pitch-black room with no windows. Allison and Rachel were both under the impression someone was in the room attacking Carolina. We were awake for another hour basically just staring at each other, and calming each other down because we were all too wound up and afraid to go back to sleep. It was INSANE. I don’t know if any of you have been in a REAL burglar/attacking incidence like this, but I (clearly) don’t know what I would do. Thank god it was just a dream, right?

And to end on a lighter note, here is a photo from our happier times during Spring Break in Key West!

Thanks for having me today! Sorry the topic was a little heavy, but my blog is not! Come visit me soon.