wishful tuesday part uno

my theme for tuesday wasn't as well received as wednesday. and since i was just super excited to get anyone want to post for me, they could write about whatever they wanted!!

anyway, megan and i met through the blogworld and she writes an amazing blog. about everything. makeup. moving. hair. college memories. everything you would {and should} read about!!

her wish is great. very inspiring and makes you think about family and what it means to you. and how much of your family is a part of you today. a thought that i rarely think about.

what is something that you wish for {secretly or not...}?

Hi everyone at Whitney’s blog! This is Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos blogging today while she is enjoying some time out of town. Today she has asked me to blog about “A Wish I Haven’t Told Many People”. I am insanely outgoing and have basically disclosed all wishes, dreams, and desires with everyone on the blogosphere as well as most of my good friends. So, naturally, this topic left me puzzled…at first.

My great-grandmother and great-grandfather immigrated to the Pittsburgh area in their late teens/early 20s. They came from Vilnius, Lithuania. They owned their own general store in a small town upon immigration and my grandmother was the youngest of their 3 children. I was never fortunate enough to know my great-grandfather, but I did know my great-grandmother. She passed in her 90s when I was only 7, but knowing her for such a short amount of time left me with a desire to visit her homeland one day. When I was very young I knew Lithuania to be part of the Soviet Union, but since becoming a free state, I have always had it on my wish list of places to visit. I don’t desire to look up family when I am there…simply because when my great-grandparents immigrated, they never divulged much information about their past to my grandmother…so much is unknown. But I still have a desire to visit the place.

For those of yall who do not know, I am moving to Norway in July. And…my boyfriend (who already is in Norway) has promised to take me to Lithuania in the next few years to fulfill this dream. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

What is a wish you have not told many people??? Have you made any recent efforts to make it come true?! 
I would love to hear!!!
Thanks so much Whitney for letting me share this information with your lovely readers! And if anyone would like to stop by my blog and say hello, I’d totally love to have you at A Suitcase and Stilettos! Have a wonderful day!
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