thank goodness blogger is back!

the ONE time this week i have time to blog blogger let me down.

i just hope i can remember everything i wanted to blog about. woe is me.

i can't believe i forgot to tell you about what ALMOST happened to me last weekend.

one of my best friends from HIGH SCHOOL was getting married up here last weekend and i getting ready for the wedding and deciding what to wear. the night before i had tried on some dresses to pick the one and i was so pale i decided i'd save that task for the next day and go and get a spray tan that night.

anyway, spray tan worked out great. no lines. just bronze.

for the dress, i had been wanting to wear my bridesmaid {really MOH} dress from lindsay's wedding for a while but didn't have a place to wear it. so i decided this would be perfect. afternoon annapolis wedding with PERFECT weather. i mean PERFECT. all ready to go and suddendly decide i want to go with the other option and my jack rogers for something a little more casual. so i change.

fast forward to bridesmaids walking down the aisle.

they were wearing that dress!!!

can you imagine showing up to a wedding with the same dress as the bm? omg. i thanked my lucky stars for making me change that day.

i told the bride and she thought it was hilarious and said i should have just worn it just in case she needed a replacement. ha.

crisis adverted.
but how cute is this dress? why would you NOT want to wear it?!

second, let me tell you about last night.

i rarely go out during the week. i mean RARELY. many people can atest. i wake up to early. talk to too many people during the day that i don't want to. and i get home just plan exhausted. so i would rather drink a glass of wine {or a 40--see below}at home.

yes, i deserved ALL of this. 

BUT last night was a special night. it was my good friend lg's birthday. so OF COURSE i would go out to celebrate. after a late start for me, we eat some delicious home made dinner and head out for the night. to a college party. side note: i know i am only 24 and have been out of college only 3 years. this party was the legit part of college. keg. keg stands. jello shots. flip cup. they had it all. so i was ready to enjoy myself with a couple beers and think back to my years. well, let's just say i am not in college anymore for a reason. i had two beers and was quite embarrassed that i felt too old to be there. not too long ago i was there. but my life is so different now. a little depressing but inspiring to think how far i have come in three years.

next stop: a bar we frequent because my friend is a bartender. well as we are walking up we notice the MASS amounts of motorcycles parked out front. what?! where are we? this is a college bar. pretty confused at this point. bartender friend comes down stairs to let us in and i quickly realize my khakis and white tee stand out amongst the black leather vests and pants. and ponytails.

then walk upstairs and walk into police week central. so biker babes downstairs and their nemesis upstairs. good night.

i stay long enough to realize i might pass out from exhaustion. and leave {with much angst from some friends. well one in particular. dr--i am cool. just not on weekdays. thank you very much}.

i mean if i am going to go out during the week i atleast want a story out of it. so well done lg. happy birthday! her present:

yup. i know. i'm awesome.

friday's fancies!!! i missed last week and i wanted to do it this week so here is my outfit that i would wear if i could buy anything to a friends graduation. which i really have tonight but i don't have these shoes! or watch. which has made an appearance before in my fancies. does that mean i should just buy it? minus the shoes, this is a pretty inexpensive outfit. i haven't heard of delias since high school. i didn't know they were still around. guess so. but cute dress!!!

grauation! by whitcole featuring vintage earrings

Print dress, $40
See by Chloe ankle heels, 230 EUR
Michael Kors Watches chronograph watch, $327
H M leather bracelet, 3.99 GBP
Wrap bracelet, 50 EUR
Kate Spade vintage earring, $48

and a shoutout to one of my VERY best friends. whom you've met on here before--ninth grade :). he is graduating with his MBA tonight from GW. whoop whoop. very proud. so happy i could be there for you!!


lastly, my roommate {sister} comes home tonight for two nights then back out on the road. we've got a lot to do before our vacation. so hopefully she will snap out of the jet lag and get a move on!! missed you sis.