it's here!

no. not friday. but i wish that was the case. but luckily today it is better. my winnings from {av} long distance loving!!

first off: getting home from a LONG day at work always gets better when you have mail at the door. let along a package. i mean let's get real. emails don't give you that warm and fuzzy that opening a letter or package does. i wish we were still old school. kinda.

second: i have been salivating thinking about what great french recipes are going to come in this book. and i have already glanced at them...YUM. i don't think i will be pulling a 'julie and julia' but i think i will totally try some out. maybe even share them with you. maybe.

third: there is no third. two is enough.

but here is my montage of opening my present!!!

you're jealous right??

so a HUGE thank you to LILYGene Prints and Long Distance Loving. it seriously was the perfect thing to happen this week.

i am thinking i should do a giveaway. i mean i have some pretty great readers. i know i always not reliable but i think my heart is in the right place.

what would you want to see on here for a giveaway?
1. my favorite things? {on a small scale of course. also justin bieber isn't for sale}
2. my amazing bracelet making skills going to good use? {i mean, copyright what?}
3. a painting that i did? {not promising it would be good...}
4. the book i am writing? {sike. i am only on page one}

i don't know. leave me a comment. give me some good ideas. i need to get back in the game. i love writing random thoughts that you guys read and laugh/cry/sneer at. i love it!

sorry for the rando thoughts. but my brain is pretty fried.