i finally did it...


i finally took matters into my own hands and worked on my headstand last night. i didn't have anyone to spot me {except the dog--she'll come into play though--hold tight} so i just set up couch cushions around my mat.

i didn't want to start trying next to the wall since my instructor said that would cripple me in eventually learning to stand alone. so i went balls to the wall, so to speak.

i think i tried a total of 50 times. i got all the way up like 10 of those. and completely fell over 3 times. i think i might have sprained my ankle...and almost killed the dog. but, she was laying on one of the cushions so she was at her own risk...right?

at any rate, i was pretty freaking proud of myself. i have been too scared to try it since i started yoga {a year ago!!} and last night i don't know what got into me but i was ready.

i'll probably practice a couple more times at home before i ask for a spot in my class. i can't be falling over real people...that'd be embarrassing. for. sure.

you can pat my back when you see me. or virtually. i'll take it.

on another note, i am sure you have noticed my absence. it hasn't been easy for either of us. work has consumed all my hours. even the ones after 5 pm. but tonight--i'm going out for my FAVORITE holiday.

tequila and i get along really well. usually. but i planned a work happy hour so i am hoping that means they will pay for it. but if not, i'll drink coronas and margaritas on my own dime {peso}.

i also have been switched around for what day it is all day that i went to Leigh Ashley's blog to participate in wee bit wednesday and realized it's thursday. way to go whitney. 

so, i'll just leave you with the metal image of me standing on my head and me drinking margaritas {in a really shitty bar...}

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