friday's fancies!

i'm back in action this friday!

i have missed this. i forgot how FUN it is to pretend you have all the money in the world.

this outfit is just freaking adorable {to me}. obvi, that is why i picked it.

i won't be wearing it this memorial day because i will be in my b-suit drinking a marg on the beach, but i imagine next year i could totally wear this to a bbq in a place that is not as humid as it is here. blah.

thank you {av} from long distance loving for keeping me alive on here! fridays are my favorite!

memorial day

memorial day by whitcole featuring jimmy choo sandals

D G cotton blouse, $316
Twenty 8 Twelve flare jeans, 59 GBP
Jimmy choo sandal, $425
Glam rock watch, $1,195
ACB leather bracelet, $210
Kate Spade flower earring, $68