friday yet?!

i mean seriously. i don't even have time to BREATHE.

i skipped out on an afternoon meeting just to write this blog post because i have been having withdrawls telling you about my meaningless life.

i mean i guess i am glad that the days FLY by and it is getting closer and CLOSER to my vacation but it is getting a bit re-donk-u-less.

sis is out of town so i am holding down the fort getting caught up on my laundry, dvr, and random recipes.

this weather has be UNREAL. there is about 3 months out of the year that i LOVE being outside. this is one of them. normally it is either too hot or too cold. i hate sweating.

you know what else i hate: calling people when you need to talk to them on ever freaking phone number and all it does is ring. and ring. and ring. when did the answering machine go out of style? also, when did people stop picking up their phones when i called? ha kidding. i'd screen my own phone call for sure.

i am hopefully making it to early yoga tonight. get it done. and go to bed. that's my motto. it is weird that getting to work at 530 is normal. rewind three years {when i first started my job} and i had to get to work at 730. and i thought that was brutal. but 530 is pretty much over that threshold of inhumane.

i wanted to take a mental break so i am doing my friday's fancies today. sorry {av} i missed out. but i was thinking of you. whilst wearing my shitty hard hat and sweating outside.

this is what i will be wearing {the idea of these pricey babies--the shoes are givenchy--no price given} the ENTIRE week. plus the pina colada and margartita...of course.

vacation trick

vacation trick by whitcole featuring a bandeau swimwear

D G sheer dress, $3,995
French connection dress, 139 EUR
Bandeau swimwear, $46
Tory burch shoes, $45
A V Max gold plated bracelet, $60
Ray Ban aviator shade, $108