i hate when i am gone from here...

but this weekend was a GREAT break from the mundane life i have been living lately. work isn't everything ladies {and gents}.

i attended what we will call a 'stoop party' saturday. you know the 'i will sit on the steps of the apt and watch people walk by as i drink a beer' kind of party.

it was delightful. especially since the weather was amaze-balls. haha.

easter sunday was perfect also. good time spent with good friends eating good food.

but the HIGHLIGHT came this morning when i checked my twitter account and found out i won {long distance loving} giveaway!!!

hell yes!!

i love france. i want to be france. well maybe just go there. but it sounded better.

tonight, sister and i are using my groupon to pick up some middle eastern fare at a new {to us} restaurant. 

ever since i ate that falafel sandwich at eastern market it is ALL i can think about. seriously. 

i am going to another falafel place this weekend with one of my faves to try her place out. i. can't. wait. but i need to be careful to not overload...but who can get tired of hummus and falafels?! not this girl. it is only tuesday and it is all i have thought about for two days. ah. 

hope you are all enjoying your week. i promise to get back in this game soon. i have missed you. i also miss reading all about you. 

i'm going to think of something. something BIG. 

but remember: send your mother's day cards soon. it is next weekend. don't want to be late on that one.