wednesday. middle of the week.

i woke up at 4:30 this morning thinking alright let's go. what?! are you kidding me? i mean is getting up at 5 every morning not early enough that my body has to punish me and magically wake up 30 minutes before my alarm?

i'm going out drinking tonight so i can sleep in tomorrow. just to get back at my brain for thinking that was ok.

ok. probably not. but it would be funny. {cut my nose to spite my face}

anyway, i thought i should take advantage of this time to say hello. tell you about the middle eastern food. and possibly the best glee ever.

middle eastern:
1. nothing special
2. really expensive for the food
3. the beer was delish!
4. i probably wouldn't go back unless someone else was paying.

1. the message: acceptance of your self for the way you were born {thanks gaga!}
2. quinn and rachels version of TLC's unpretty was DEVINE. iTunes purchase...i recommend it.
3. i did fast forward through kurt's slow song. wasn't his finest moment. but i heart him so i will let it slide.
4. schuster was mean to 'the ginger'. tough love isn't always the answer william. give a girl a shove in the right direction not throw her. geez
5. gaga's born this way: OMG. i love glee.

well kiddos, that is it for the short wednesday post. i've got to get some work done before i have to wear a hard hat all day. wah.

side note: happy birthday phyllis!!

and: wish i was here wednesday.

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