thank GOODness it is friday.

i don't think i could last another work day.

anyway, this weekend will be filled with sleep, yoga, and books/movies.

i am almost to the middle of lincoln lawyer {600 pages!}and it is GOOD. as much as i don't love knowing who plays the character in the movie, i love knowing it is matthew mc. i have no problem imagining him as the main character. dayum. he is so sexy. 

sister and i are also going to see hanna. it looks pretty intense. but it looks so good! i'll let you know how it is. 

OMG. i can NOT believe i forgot to tell you: i found my first real GRAY hair last week. i had a little moment of oh shit. this growing up stuff is real. i need a less stressful job. or better hair color. therefore, i am getting sister to color my hair VERY soon.

but, my question to you is: how did you feel when you found your first gray hair? sad? overwhelmed? excited?

i thought i would want to embrace my gray hair when i was older but, knowing that it is gray when i am only 24?? F THAT.

i'd also like to ask you: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ON AMERICAN IDOL?!

i mean, i am as guilty as most. i don't vote. i watch it EVERY week and have favorites and i just don't vote. {i think if i did, that would validate my obsession with the show--i'm not there yet--emotionally}

anyway, how could pia get voted off?! i mean there are at least three other people that should have gone before her. {stefano, haley, james} at least. i put her in the top 2. sad face. 

looked like the judges were questioning their save on casey. i bet he feels like shittake. and i am sure stefano wanted to hide. they made it look like it was his fault. that's not fair. 

enough random thoughts for the day. i am going back to starbucks to get my iced coffee refilled. considering i am already finished {with the venti}. and they know my name. and my order. on second thought, maybe i should hold off for a couple days....

happy friday! happy weekend! 

what are your plans??

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