i drink too much.

i mean not really. but when i only drink on the weekends i feel like i do.

this weekend was A BLAST.

you know those really good weekends that you wake up on monday thinking is it really over?!?!

first off, friday i go home to nap. i leave a little early. lay down at 5 {approximately}. i don't set an alarm for my yoga class and hair appt the next day because i am only napping. well apparently i should have because i woke up at 9...AM. saturday morning. let's just say it was the most glorious nap. EVER.

so i miss my yoga class. but i think it was worth it.

but i get ready to head into the city for my hair appt. first i have to stop off at my friends house to feed the kitties i was housesitting.

drive through the monsoons. no seriously, floods. park in all day free parking. money. get my hair cut by the most amazing girl at this great salon that i had never been too. a little shorter than i planned but it is so healthy.

planned on meeting a friend for an afternoon cocktail at a bar in downtown. walk in. my {lead singer of the best local band in dc}friend spots me from outside. {awesome part 1}. white ford bronco {the band} is playing at the bar i am at. {awesome part 2}.then i see someone in a florida gators hat. conversation goes like this 'hey, did you go there?...yes...me too...no way, are you here for the gator bar crawl?...no, but i am now!...gator nation is everywhere' {awesome part 3}. my friend shows up. then all of a sudden my long lost VA friend that moved away to DC {hey, it is a hike} shows up. {awesome part 4}.

i mean how lucky is this girl? just a regular saturday turning into the most random but awesome afternoon??

sunday is beyond me. let me just put it to you this way:

friends birthday. unlimited champagne brunch. 6 hours.


yesterday was the last of the birthday celebration, and we went to carmine's. carb overload. but to top off the meal full of pasta, bread, chicken marsala, and bread....we ordered THE TITANIC. dear Lord. there were 14 of us and this was MORE than enough of a dessert. it consisted of:

1 banana
1/2 pan of fudge brownies
5 scoops of ice cream {vanilla and chocolate}
heaping mounds of whipped cream
10 strawberries
those chocolate straws {i forget what they are called}
and more i am sure.

anyway, here is the before picture. we didn't take an after so we could say we didn't finish it....yeah right.