friday's fancies

i mean. how excited are you for today??

i am so pissed. i had a 6 am meeting so i had to DVR the wedding. luckily i am not around my computer so i won't be tempted to spoil the surprise. i can pretend they are getting married this afternoon...

but if i had been able to make it this morning, here is my dream outfit.

i tried to make it as expensive as possible with the jewels. and i think i did a pretty good job. just a couple of $9000 diamond bangles. no big deal.

anyway, enjoy your friday. i know i will.

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royal wedding

royal wedding by whitcole featuring a gold tennis bracelet

KAREN KARAM one shoulder dress, 830 GBP
Christian Louboutin high heels, $795
ChloƩ leather handbag, $1,475
Platinum ring, $44,350
Forzieri gold tennis bracelet, $8,435
Diamond earring, $539