been a long time...

can you believe i dropped the ball the last three days?!

i just haven't had anything interesting to talk about. or even have the imagination to come up with something to share. next time i won't wait so long. i will just concoct some story about what happened to me that day and just try and make you laugh. the task isn't easy. i hold myself to such a high standard. i don't want to become this blog that people read out of obligation. ah, the stress.

anyway, this weekend was great. so relaxing. minus the working on saturday morning. but, whatever.

saw limitless. eh. it was good. a little long but bradley cooper is just hot.

returned a lot of clothes/shoes that i have bought online and either didn't want or didn't like. making dolla bills where ever i can. gas ain't cheap these days.

signed up for my second yoga 2 class tonight. ek. but i think i realized i really need to stretch before class. not just get there and lay down to pretend i am meditating. who am i kidding?! that is called napping whitney. shit. so tonight i am really going to focus on my practice to get into the habits i used to be great at!

lastly, i would all like to leave you with a little 'nugget' of good fortune today. it's monday so everyone needs a little something to get through the day. {and i wanted to have a picture on this post and was running out of ideas...woe is me}