wish i was here wednesday.

really i could put a picture up of anything as long at is wasn't here at my desk. argh. 3 new problems to solve before 8:30 am. wtf. doesn't anyone do their job around here? apparently not.

{ok, i am done ranting...today}

i can talk about how TERRIBLE the tourist was last night. omg. do NOT waste your time. i got it on redbox {yes, the day it came out} and i feel asleep in it. so not worth it. i knew i should have gotten the reese/owen film. woe is me.

i can also talk about how EXCITED i am to go visit my bff tito this weekend. and how fun does this sound: prancing around in mud with a cocktail dress and rainboots on?? i mean COME ON. check out tito's post on our outfits here.

i can't freaking wait. and you should be excited for me too.

what about how great my walk to CVS was this afternoon to pick up some POP ROCKS. omg. remember these things?? they are legit. talk about a 'pick me up.' i recommend you grabbing some for yourself from your nearest closing blockbuster. sad face.

{started this at 8 am. awesome}